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Meeting an Idol

So today, after a pretty rough couple days, I received an email that made me burst into ultimate happiness.

I get to meet my idol in a week

Not a movie star, musician, or sport star.

A teacher..

More specifically, the one and only Mr. Chris

I have been following Mr. Chris for awhile now on Facebook via his Special Books By Special Kids project, in which he interviews kids and adults with special needs and their families and share the common connections they have with others who are considered by society as normal. His interactions are simply beautiful and I am touched by the way he is able to make a connection with both his students and the many others he has interviewed.

Needless to say, I have butterflies.

It is an absolute honor to take part in this amazing project, more specifically, his Summer Road Trip series. I will be one of many from all over the United States to be interviewed and have our stories shared with the world.

This is indeed a blessing. Things can only go up from here.


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