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The SBSK Experience


So today was the big day, where I would share one of my many stories with the one and only Chris Ulmer of Special Books By Special Kids.

Needless to say, I still have goosebumps. To meet one of my idols has been a dream come true. His kind heart and spirit filled up the room, he is indeed just as nice in person as you see him on Facebook. Heck, even Da Vinci loved him…and Noodle got along with him too. Cats and dogs hanging out with each other? Now that’s what I call embracing differences.


We faced some technical glitches (thanks to The Great Floridian Verizon Outage of 2016) while trying to live feed, something I was looking forward to doing, But it was still an amazing feat of mine to get myself out there on a platform that has already reached so many views. Never in my life I would of gone viral like this for a postive reason. It’s a very surreal feeling to share my stories with the world.


I shared my story on how I became inspired to work for Disney as well as my recent thoughts on the Orlando Tragedy that happened earlier this week. You can check out the final cut here.


Mr. Chris, thank you for being a “modern day Mr. Bittle” and inspiring the world with your experiences with those who are different. I am honored to be part of your amazing journey as you travel the world and teach others that being different is perfectly OK. I wish you safe and happy travels as you embark on this grand adventure.

Say hi to Bill for me when you get to Rhode Island. 🙂



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