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To My Dad, Who Taught Me It’s OK to Be Different

Seeing how lately that my blogging journey has led me to many opprotunities, I wanted to address a great influence in my life, my dad.

Growing up from a family that was focused on hunting and fishing, my dad was a bit of an oddball. He would spend hours upon hours reading history and science books, painting murals and landscapes so detailed, they’d make Bob Ross jealous. My dad was different from a lot of people he knew. And to him, that is OK.

To be different means finding a gift you can bring to the world, and his just so happens to be art, like mine just so happens to be writing.

When I was a kid, my dad treated me like any other child, despite my disability. He found ways to connect with me when most would of left. He was my first teacher, opening my world through our hour long bedtime routine of asking science questions and other things I heard on the news that I didn’t understand. He taught me to open up my mind and learn. He taught me that sometimes being nerdy had its advantages.

I learned over the years that it’s OK to be different, even if the world may not see it that way, for those who are different can have a big impact on the world.

To my dad, thank you for helping me learn the beauty and overall awesomeness that is embracing your differences and finding that true gift. Thank you for teaching me the value of an education and the benefits of hard work and how it can pay off.

I sure hope I made you proud,

Love always ,

Your baby girl



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