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No Big Deal

So Bill isn’t doing too good these days, and is recovering from a bad infection. He called to explain he was in the hospital and was on his way home under strict medical watch for a few days. As I’m sitting in the car about ready to have a panic attack upon hearing this, he goes “It’s no big deal, babe.” No big deal? How is having tubes coming out of you the next few days not a big deal? It’s like he is channeling his inner Spanalot with “It’s just a flesh wound.” Holy Hannah!

I give the guy mad props for his amazing spirit and crazy optimism that make my daily struggles over the last few days look like a bratty kid who didn’t get his Snack Pack pudding in his lunch box. Where he gets this positive energy from is beyond me. But I’m blessed knowing someone like him who could basically laugh at the face of danger and potential death and run…or roll…with it.

Keep on rocking, dude.
#MCM ….yeah, it’s Tuesday. So what? 🙂

(Image) Mandy and Bill survive riding an open aired elevator in the Providence Place Mall, hands both up, shouting in celebration…God, that thing was scary…hahaha.



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