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Hire Me, I’m Handicapped. 

So the other day, I went for a group interview at a well known home organization store close to my apartment. My first callback since this jobless nightmare began. 

The interview was informative and got me really hyped to work for a company that seems to value the employee as well as the guest. I am intrigued by this company and hope to work for them as not only a way to gain my independence back now that it has been threatened via past due bills, but because it seems like a nice stress free situation.

But something last minute came over me that I never do in my interviews that in some ways I didn’t want to do, but it felt so right.

I admitted my disability.

After the rest of the potential employees left, I explained that I often don’t do well in group interviews amungst more able bodied people, and the reason why my eye contact is a bit off. I also gave them a brief demonstration of my digital pocket magnifier in hopes that would seal the deal of my abilities and how I adapt. 

After coming home, I felt kind of proud and yet dirty in admitting my flaws. Will they hire me because of my character or the idea that I can be a bad ass tax write off for them? Will they be scared away that I could be a risk to myself and others, despite the fact I can operate a box cutter and a pallet Jack like a big girl. And can even count money and “write my name.” (A question asked at an interview before when I entered the job market. I’m not even kidding.)

So I came up with this little closing letter, thanking them for their time and consideration. And a bit more information on my abilities. Because YOLO, right? 

Dear _______,

I wanted to take the time to thank you and _____ for inviting me to partake in your interview today, August 12, 2016.

After learning about how the company works and it’s core values, I have become fascinated in how innovative your store is and am looking forward to any opprontunity that may come from our meeting today.

Per our discussion afterwards regarding my needs as a person of legal blindness, I sincerly hope it didn’t scare you away. I have had many retail and sales positions for years and have done everything from stock (including box cutters) and cashiering with ease, with a little help from my magnifier for small print scenarios. I also live real close by via a bus route or a 25 minute walk, so I am very dependable in terms of flexibility and punctuality.

In sharing this information with you, I sincerly hope you not judge me by the weakness of my eyes, but for the judgement of my character and work ethic.

Looking forward to hearing from you and _____ soon.

Have a great weekend,

Mandy Ree

Did I help build a ladder to a new career, or did I put the nail in the coffin?

Hopefully this week, we shall see. 

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