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Hey Future Employer, What Are You Afraid Of? 

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So I am officially back to square one on the job hunt. The home organization store I tried to apply to decided I wasn’t worth their time to be employed. 

Sadly this is my reality. Disabilty looked before ability.

I had high hopes I was going to snag the position, and finally free myself of this nightmare. I have so much to offer despite my disability. I know how to run a cash register, a pallet jack, a box cutter, and a price gun. I know how to handle guest situations and can make some awesome creative solutions for everyday problems with ease. I have a magnifier to help me see what I normally can’t. 

Is it the magnifier that scares you?

Is it the fact I have a disability that makes me all of the sudden a liability? Are you afraid I am going to cut my finger off? Never mind I have worked in stockrooms since I was 17?

Are you afraid I will miscount my money and not keep an even till, even though I know what money looks like and can actually count it like a big girl?

What are you afraid of?

Well? Tell me. I kind of need to know these things. So I can prove you wrong about me 

I am capable.

Why doesn’t anyone believe me? 


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