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My Time to Shine

My work life has taken a bit of a pit stop while my disability accommodations get sent over, but at least my life as an advocate has taken a turn for the better. 

Things are still in the final phase of confirming and such, it looks like I will be presenting for the Advocates In Action conference in about a month from now.

I am beyond excited to bring my story off the internet and into the real world. Not to mention help others share their story with the world.

What was originally a few slides on how to share your story has now spawned into an all new project itself.A Story Corps booth. 

Since a lot of my potential audience members have limited reading and writing capabilities, this option will allow them to take their stories of self advocacy to the next level. And all it takes is an app off an Android tablet.

Basically put, the conference will be one for the books as I help inspire others to share their stories in a way nobody has done for them before, while sharing my story in a way I haven’t in a long time.

Things here will be quiet for a few weeks, as I get myself aquianted with the app and add final touches to my project, as well as her acustomed to my new job still yet to be determined. I can sense a bit of a new begining for myself, my brand, and my future.

Let the adventure begin.


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