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Accomodation Schmaccomodation….

​So the job offer for Third Shift custodial has been rescinded due to, you guessed it, my disability. Luckily, the company has been working non-stop to find me a placement, searching the resort far and wide for my next placement.

But it brings the question “Are companies equipped for people like me to find employment?”

I get safety and success are what a company strives for when it comes to job placement, but the only thing hindering me from success is my ability to drive. That’s it. I could do everything else the job requires but that. That one small requirment is what hurts me. Same when I was back home and tried to work for a special needs boarding school. Despite all my training in personal care from my job in the school district and my experience with Bill, it just doesn’t seem like enough. One small flaw can ruin the whole thing. Which makes me feel a lot more worthless than I should feel.

When will companies open the door for more opportunities for people like me? When will they finally see the potential I offer? I may have had one small hiccup that caused all this to happen, but I know I am capable of whatever is thrown my way.

I just wish other people can see that in me like I do in myself. 


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