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Turning 31

Yesterday was the big day, me entering the realm of early 30’s (yikes!)

I always pictured what this time in my life would be like, would I be a CEO in a big office somewhere, married to some buff guy and have his babies, live in a little house with a white picket fence.  Every girl’s Barbie lifestyle played out.

And it seems like I got the short end of the stick. At least this year. With me losing my job, going through hoops and endless waiting games to get it back, relying on my ex to help me out in exchange for a place to crash during the busy Halloween season (at least I sort of got the buff guy down even if he is a loaner) it’s all become too much to handle. The Birthday curse from my last post sure did a number on me this year.

This month will be a trial of patience and tough decisions ahead and it all lands in the Mouse’s hands. I did my part with paperwork, unemployment filing, maxed out my savings, and recruited Mr. Buff to help me out. But I can’t keep doing this forever. It’s already been two months 

In about 32 days, if nothing changes, I will be in a journey home, but not the home I know. My father recently moved to a small mountain town with a lot of things within walking distance and a Section 8 list so small, I could get a place almost instantly. There are tons of entry level jobs available that I can snag and start fresh again. Instant life, just add water. 

I hate to lose all I worked for down here, but I feel like I won’t recover from the damage done to me.  

On the plus side, I am close to family and about a five hour drive from Bill in case something had happens to him. The idea of being close in the event of an emergency as well as the ability to see him more frequently does sound amazing. 

But the good in this move brings the bad, leaving three years of great memories and friends behind.

In the meantime, I still got a lot to do for the conference up north in a month as well as Spooky Empire next week. My event season is kicking into high gear, provided work doesn’t kick in for me for awhile. 

I need some happy distractions. 


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