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Why am I such an Influence? 

Profile screenshot from the Mogul website

A few days ago, I recieved a rather odd email inviting me to join a site called Mogul, a women’s lit website devoted to the education and empowerment of women and girls all over the world. Seems like a typical email I get on the occausion to guest blog and such…until I read that they want me as a Mogul Influencer. 

The email reads that only about 2000 women are selected for this role, among them greats like Chelsea Clinton, Kelly Osbourne, and Madeline Stuart, the young lady with Down Syndrome who took New York Fashion Week by storm. Other influencers include world leaders, CEOs, lawyers, owners of non profits, and many more.

But the question lies is why the heck would a 31 year old, still unemployed, disabled girl be a good fit for the role?

It’s all a part of this big journey of mine, trying to figure out what my worth in this world. How do I make an impact on others when I can barely make an impact on myself? I don’t have a fancy job title nor have I had any major contribution to society aside from my blogging that manifests itself in the wee hours of the morning when I can’t sleep

How can someone like me influence others?

How can I change the world by being myself?

Are they sure they got the right person for the job? 

What can people learn from me and my life? 

Guess we will have to find out soon enough.

All I have to say is whoever chose me for this, thank you for helping me dig deeper into “my great unwrapping.”

Links to my Mogul stories are in my Projects and Stuff page in the menu above. 


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