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365 Writing-Day 1

I found this page that has 365 Creative Writing Prompts in an attempt to break the norm of my writing and have a little fun. Each day, or every other day, I’ll post the prompt taken and a corresponding piece. Hope you enjoy it. 

Day 1- Outside The Window

My apartment complex the last few days has been a buzz with outrageous and loud construction projects. Our complex is in the midst of a major renovation, which will eventually lead into me being homeless for a few days while new kitchen and bathroom fixtures will be installed. But first, it’s the replacement of the windows and doors. 

Outside the window is a mess of pick up trucks, planks of windows still in their nest of plastic wrap, and large green dumpsters full of the old fixtures waiting to be scrapped. If you listen closely, you can hear some Spanish music playing out of a few trucks, but not loud enough to be obnoxious. 

The only peaceful spot is the community pool that sits below my deck, not a person in sight, for 76 degree weather is considered cold here in Florida. As much as I want to dive into the pool, I have to decline its welcoming waters, on account of a certain kitty who snuck out and already made friends with the construction crew. 

For now, I wait until they are done doing their thing so I can go out and enjoy this gorgeous day. 


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