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Washed Out! 

Adjusting to this new job has been quite the challenge, and today, I gave the magical world of Stewarding a shot…and failed miserably. 

After taking my hearing test and stopping to say hi to a few of my former Vacation Planning buddies, I made my way to the dishroom where I was introduced to a person who I thought was a trainer, turned out, we could barely communicate with each other due to language barriers and me not being able to follow his visual cues. 

After an hour, I broke down. My fellow cast screaming at me because I didn’t understand what to do, where to put things, etc. I tried to explain I couldn’t see too well, pointing to my eyes and shaking my head no, that still didn’t help me much.

Lucky for me, I have been moved to a pool bar where it’s less crowded and that there are people who could actually train me, in addition to allowing me to work around a bus schedule. I’ll still be a dishwasher but it’s a good place to start.Worse case scenario, I could try to be recasted. 

I just wish people understood disability better and would be better equipped to assist me in learning the ropes. They say culture was most likely the issue since Haitian folk tend to talk loud and forceful and maybe I’m not used to it, but I understood enough that I just simply didn’t belong back there with them.I could tell they were annoyed, and who could blame them? When you take a girl who has spent most of her life in customer service and put her behind the doors of a dishroom, it can be a scary and shocking experience. 

Let’s just hope tomorrow will be better. 


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