Posted in Cast Member Chronicles

When Earning Your Ears Becomes A Crazy Adventure 

The journey in the magical world of Stewarding has come to an abrupt end, thanks to an unknown allergic reaction to multi use detergent that is used when you need to wash things by hand. 

They finally found me a position at a pool bar with the most friendliest group of cast you could imagine. Seriously, if you find yourself at the Oasis bar in Disney, give them a hug and send them my love.They treated me as an equal.If I had to stick it out for the six months, this would of been the place to do it. 

I have been placed in a transitional duty position starting tomorrow, where I’ll be doing odd jobs around Epcot until my fate is determined either by casting or the potential of going back to the booths where I belong. 

One thing is for sure, I won’t be earning my ears anytime soon. At least not yet. 

This mouseketeer in training needs a home first. 

The saga continues. 


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