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Let The Transition Begin!

After a tough day at my first placement I was able to go and be moved to a less crazy dishroom at the pool bar.All was going well, I was adjusting great with my new fellow cast, and then out of the blue, my arm starts burning. 

Guess I’m allergic to pot scrubber soap  

So long story short, when you break out in a rash at a food service job, you are banned from doing your job.I was only written out for a week until the permanant doctor could see me on Friday.

Which means I am now working Transitional Duty.

Transitional Duty is a department where if you get injured on the job or have temporary restrictions, you are placed in different light duty jobs until you are clear to work, moved into another location, or retire in some cases. You can do anything from side jobs folding napkins, packing cake servers, and putting pin backs on trading pins, to doing random greeting jobs in the park. Your job changes daily so it’s hardly the same place twice. Like Thursday, I’ll be doing greeting inside a character meeting place. Never a dull moment.

For now, it’s all a waiting game to see where I will be placed. Stewarding isn’t in the cards for me, even my body is saying no. The saga for finding a permanent home in the most magical place on earth continues. 


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