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Displaced in Dreamland

So after a week of transitional duty, I was dismissed and told to report back to my dishwashing gig. Basically put, the nurse practitioner on duty tried to blame me for my allergy, saying I should of worn gloves or I wore my gloves wrong. Seriously, how does one wear gloves wrong? 

Sad to say, this leaves me at a standstill. do I go back and risk my safety as well as the safety of others? Or do I risk fighting for a recast to somewhere that I actually knew what I was doing? 

I decided to go for the latter.

Of course, stuff like this happens on a weekend.Which means I can’t get in contact with my leaders or the people who can send me out to be placed somewhere else, not to mention it’s a holiday so all the big important folk are out until Monday, which forced me to call out and wait out the storm of crazy until I can speak to someone.

I refuse to put myself in harm’s way or risk contaminating my guests dinner plates in a game of wits. The last three months were a nightmare and I seriously thought I was over this.

Lucky for me, I got a few interviews set up next week for a job closer to home, and although that situation isn’t ideal, it’s still something I can do with a company I heard that treats their workers well. Plus, I’ll be in a guest role, where I belong. I also signed up for a seasonal gig too. A little extra holiday money won’t hurt.

I never hated them for this, since I am partially to blame for the events that unfolded, but I will say that I dislike the way things in general played out, from losing work, the settlement, and well, this. Even if fate sends me packing, my heart will always be with this company. All the amazing friends, events I attended, people I met, and things I was a part of made the experience worth while. 

I just hope there is a way to save this dream before it capsizes.


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