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It’s Called A Hustle, Sweetheart

My writing has taken a bit of a hiatus since I’ve been working the Macy’s holiday parade this year at Universal Orlando. Despite the small shifts  (four hours) they are very action packed and full of excitement. From recruiting guests to help us balloon handle to making sure the balloons make it back to the barn safely without a pop or a tear. It’s both challenging and fun, and quite frankly the best job experience I have ever had. 

But sadly, it’s coming to an end soon, which means I am left into that void of the unknown when it comes to finding work again.

Lucky for me, my name has been put on the extension list for event guides and I have also picked up a side job with the NBC media center on property doing market research work. Although the side job doesn’t pay much, at least it’s something to keep me going. 

A lot of people, Bill included, are still not so sure if me staying here is the right thing to do, given that I took this job on a gamble, leaving Disney behind and the three years seniority that came with it.

My fate on extending won’t be determined until January 5th possibly later which still leaves me on the edge and the NBC gig is on call. So much uncertainty that those who want me to succeed want me home. Either Philly or up to Providence.

Since I picked up this job, Bill has been begging me to come home and he just doesn’t understand that by picking up all this work, I’m trying to create a better life for the both of us, or at the very least schedule a visit in the next couple months. In Bill’s mind, living off of a disability check and government resources is the norm. He expects me to live a life that he is used to, a world where you can live off of $30 a week because food stamps cover the rest.

Unfortunately, I never had such luck getting on those programs. I was raised to work my ass off. The generation gap between me and Bill has its many riffs. He is so used to the system and back then it was easy for him to get help that he needed. Whereas my case being a millennial, I don’t have such luck. That and I was told that I have a right to a normal life given my struggles, hence you got to hustle to get what you want in life. You have to work it and work it hard. Since Bill is physically unable to, I’m the one having to take the reigns. So if that means me picking up multiple jobs fending for myself until Bill works out a move with his case manager, or me doing my once or twice a year trips back to Providence, so be it. 

It’s called a hustle, sweetheart. I just wish he would understand that. I don’t want to take the easy way out. I want a better life for me so I can have a better life for us. 

Now if only I could get answers on staying put. That would be great. 😁


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