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The Lives We Touch

With only two more days to go of the parade,the positive vibe seems to be getting stronger amongst the team members and guests alike. 

The last few nights, I seem to have become a magnet for guests with many life stories and how much their lives have been touched with the oppeotunity to be a part of the parade. I met cancer survivors, a trans woman who learned how to own her feminism and be proud of who she is, a family who come every year just to carry balloons for fun, an older couple on their honeymoon, and a really cool businessman who has been with us the past two weeks that makes this a daily tradition after work just to settle down and unwind after a stressful day. 

The stories of these guests’ lives have touched me, knowing that because of us, we can make their dreams a reality. It’s because of something as simple as the opprotunity to hold a balloon, all their struggles and sadness disappear. 

There must be some magic hidden in those giant helium filled wonders. And it’s because of those wonders, people come back year after year just to see and partake in one of America’s most time honored holiday traditions. 

I’m saddened to say my time with the parade is drawing to a close, but I am thankful for the opprotunity to take the chance and be a part of something amazing. 

I have learned that my time here is far from over, although things will be quiet for the time being until Mardi Gras kicks in. That’s right, I’ll be a parade escort for the next big holiday parade here at Universal. Plus, my time with the NBC Media Center will be starting up in a week or so, as I survey people’s reactions to new pilot shows. Not exactly the full time job I worked so hard on, but a nice step in the right direction. 

It’s living proof that dreams really do come true. And I am blessed to be able to bestow those wonderful moments onto others.

Time to make the next two days extra special. For them, and for me. 


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