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What Defines Hate?

When one talks about a hate crime, what does one think of? Does your mind go to race, as in the whole #Blacklivesmatter movement with white cops going over the top on their right to draw their weapons? What about the Pulse shooting where a man killed a mostly LGBT crowd of people in a murder suicide due to his ISIS like beliefs? 

Both are considered a hate crime. 

But has anyone ever thought for a God damn minute that bullying and abusing those with special needs can fall under that umbrella too?

Apparently, not many see that as a probable case. Take the most recent story about a group of black teens who tortured a special needs man and documented it on Facebook Live. Every article so far is so hyper focused on the racial aspect of the story since the teens were caught on tape using racial slurs against whites and anti-Trump references, that the very thought of this being related to the victim’s mental capability is forgotten. 

The judge and the police commissioner seem to tip toe around the idea that a hate crime can be ableist based. Multiple news sources claim the police never confirmed or denied the idea of a hate crime being committed, much less it being based on taking advantage of this young man and his disabilities.


It’s quite obvious these teens took the chance on befriending the man in an attempt to use and abuse him. While we don’t know the reasons why, considering there are reports of the teens trying to get something out of the victim’s family, it is still relevant that the man and his disabilities made him an easy target.

So many questions have been raised about this that I would love to see answers to. Why did the man’s mother allow him to hang out with sketchy people like this? Why does it seem like the community dismissed their crimes as “just kids being kids” when they are all of legal age, one being a 24 year old…a 24 YEAR OLD? 

The most laughable moment is the grandmother trying to come to the defense of her grandaughter, saying that “she was such a good kid” and that “she would never raise her that way.” 

Well guess what, grams? Somewhere along the lines, you effed up. Never did your granddaughter learn compassion, nor did you keep tabs on her as she grew up. You led her to this by your own ignorance. And to me, that’s a crying shame. 

What I find ironic is in cases like this, the ones who cause the crimes are celebrated as victims due to their enviroment, one where kids don’t have daddies and live off the welfare system, apparently never taught that they can end the cycle and go on to different things and be successful. While that may be the case for some, it shouldn’t be used as a crutch for ignorance to be acceptable. You control your own destiny. And if committing crime for your 15 minutes on Facebook Live is your idea of being famous and successful, then it makes me wonder who exactly in this story should be classified as “special needs.”

This man has suffered an unbelievable two days held hostage that could very well ruin his life and well being completely. Those two days of hell will forever live on in his memory, his trust lost, his emotions forever screwed up. I have seen things like this happen to many with disabilties, myself and Bill included, and let me tell you, that pain will never go away. You can bleach the blood stains away and cover it up, but it’s still there. 

As a victim of hate crimes growing up, this isn’t OK. To make light of it as kids goofing off or bullying, that my friends is a crime in itself. There is a difference between bullying and what was done to this young man…actually, come to think of it, there really isn’t. 

I pray these teens will be held accountable for their actions. They chose the wrong path out of hate, now that must face the consequences. There is no room in society for a hateful heart. 

If only the media and the numbnuts taking over this case could see what I see. 



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