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Why I Write, A Response to the Uneducated 

Tonight was a crazy night on here. Amazing how I went through almost two years trolless, until now. 

But before I dig deep into the nitty gritty, it’s time for a game of FUN FACTS WITH MANDY!

-I was fired once in a wrongful termination situation at Disney, in which I was RE-HIRED but sent to another department, which was deamed hazardous to my health, which resulted in me QUITTING! I was never fired in my other lines of work, only transfered upon moving or quit for reasons due to schedule conflicts or discrimination.

-I read Bill my most recent piece, which was a piece I did about my own inner ableism, something that I never had the balls to mention until recently, and as a person in a relationship like this, it’s common. Bill knows everything and is OK with it all. “Since I can’t write, someone has to do it.” he said. 

-My disability is a part of who I am. I don’t use it as “a crutch” or an excuse why I failed at life. I know I never had the best path in life, and it’s all on me. And if I fail again, it’s a lesson learned. That’s life. 

-Yes, RJ has helped me when everything fell apart, but I did the same for him for years, up until the point where I couldn’t take it anymore. We made out to be great friends afterwards, and I am appreciative of all the help he has given me. 

-And yes, me and Bill are a happy couple despite all the hell we’ve gone through. 

To make a long story short, some accusations were made of me that aren’t the truth. Perhaps it’s a bored teen trying to get a laugh from me, or a friend or former co-worker trying to bring me down. 

Or maybe it’s just the uneducated, the ones who don’t know life as a disabled person, much less a person dating one.

My writing falls into a niche of “crap nobody has balls to talk about” (thanks Bill for that one.) I write unscripted, unfiltered, and uncensored about stuff that goes on in disabled life.The good, the bad, and the bullshit. I write as a way to vent and also share what sites like The Mighty are afraid to show, the struggles, the heartache, the moments of greatness and the times my back has been against the wall.

Here at Legally Blind Bagged, I don’t sugarcoat shit. I save those pieces for my big projects. Here, I write for myself in hopes the right people who want to help instill a change in society will see it. 

The relationship with me and Bill is just one chunk of a bigger journey that is in my life. I write about it the most because of the discrimination and ableism we face daily, including the personal aspects of it from my point of view. Because quite frankly, stuff like this does happen in even the most harmonic of relationships. 

I know I’m a hot fucking mess at the age where  I should have my life together, but that’s what I deal with daily. Society doesn’t owe me a damn thing. I owe it to myself to make a change. So if it’s taking a bunch of seasonal gigs or writing my most WTF moments, that’s the way I do it. 

Also some things have been said about RJ that are far from the truth. Despite us being exes, we remain good friends.He has helped me when others wouldn’t or simply weren’t able to. And for that, I’m grateful. 

You can take what I write about my life with a grain of salt.  Feel free to make your own judgment call as to whether or not I’m doing life correctly. You’re more than welcome to discuss things with me either in private (email is on the Projects and Stuff tab above)  or in the comments below. But leave the people I care about out of it, Billy and RJ included. 

 And for fuck sake, please be open with who you are as opposed to hiding behind ridiculous screen names.  Obviously, you can tell I have nothing to hide. Why do you think I write?

I’m here to educate, inspire,  and strike conversations nobody wants to talk about.  I’m not afraid of who I am.  I’m not afraid of what will become of me. 

I am a writer.

I am disabled.

I do seasonal work at a theme park and a market research place instead of a nine-to-five job because I take what I can to survive and not be another “moocher of the system” as some people claim. 

 I’m in a long distance relationship with someone with multiple disabilities far worse than mine.

 You’re right, I don’t have my shit together. But come to think of it does anyone really have their shit together to begin with?

The things that make you go hmmmmmm……


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