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An Interview with the Interviewer 

So today, I had a phone interview with Universal about a few positions I applied to. I can honestly say, the experience was very different from anything I can ever imagine. 

I have had many interviews in my life, many never reached the desired outcome. Usually, they will end with the handshake and cheerful quips of “We’ll call you in two weeks.”

What made Universal different so far is that rejection letters sent when interviews aren’t scheduled end with connections to the Career Network, which results in a phone call helping you better navigate your career path. My interview today was a result of that connection from a week ago. The Career Network told me of jobs I would be qualified for and helped me navigate that path. Not many places do such a thing, not even Disney.

The interview was long on account I was aiming for multiple positions, one became a denial due to the inability to drive a company car. But what surprised me the most was that I was asked what I wanted out of my career. And it wasn’t a half hearted attempt at small talk, it was meant with sincerity and understanding. I told her I wanted to do social media and my experiences as a writer, and upon knowing that, she was very concerned that some of what I signed up for wouldn’t make me happy considering I am more of a communications and social based person and anything not related to that would bore me.Luckily, the only thing that fell into that category of positions I applied for was the job that required a car, a financial curier. Phew!

She also explained to me why some of the denials I received so far have happened. Never once have I work for a company that explained exactly what they were looking for in detail. Neither of those denials by the way were disability related, it was all based on prior work experiences that didn’t add up to the magnitude of what they were looking for. Finally, some sense of clarity! 

Needless to say, I am impressed by the person centered atmosphere that Universal has when it comes to hiring people. Even though I mentioned my disability numerous times, never once did I pick up hesitation in her voice about my capabilities. It was a focus on what I have done and what I want to do, and to me that makes a good company. I still won’t know for a few weeks if I can go in for the typing test and in person interviews, but that’s OK…

I have the ability to interview for Vacation Planner via transfer to Volcano Bay. 🙂

Stay tuned. 


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