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Best Advice from Bill…and Casey Kasen

The last few weeks brought its own fair share of chaos, as I tried to find permanent work in fear I might have to pack up and leave Florida for good. Amongst the chaos, Bill became very distant and barely talked to me for reasons unknown. With the career down the drain along with a long-term relationship, depression sunk in really hard. What kind of purpose do I have in this world?

Oddly enough, thanks to the advent of Facebook Live and whoever in Bill’s staff taught him how to use it, Bill started broadcasting on his page all by himself, mostly rambles to his PS4 buddies, occasionally throwing my name in there to say hi. At least I know this time around, he’s doing OK.

At the end of each video he made, he would always sign off with the famous Casey Kasem quote ” Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.” 

Somehow I found comfort in this quote. And through all I’ve been through trying to find work, hearing Casey’s words out of Bill’s mouth give me that kick in the pants I needed to succeed and keep going in times of doubt.

After 8 months of searching, and three months of working for Universal Orlando on a seasonal basis, keeping my feet on the ground and reaching for the stars has finally gotten me somewhere.

I’m officially on the opening team for Volcano Bay, back to my roots as a vacation planner.

Although Bill wasn’t with me as often during my worst times the last few weeks, his little sign off on Facebook Live acted like a little hint to keep going. When I asked him about this quote a long time ago, he always told me that music and Casey’s top 40 countdown always kept him going at his worst times, and now that he could Facebook Live, he’s sort of feels famous. I love that attitude from him.

Casey may be long gone, but his words still reach the masses, inspiring many to follow their dreams, even if it takes a little extra work.


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