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Dollar Store Date Night

Money can’t buy happiness, or can it?

For the last few years, I have been hooked on a nostalgia blog called Dinosaur Dracula or Dino Drac for short. His blog dives deep into the pop culture days of yore, from expired food stuffs to visits to old school video rental shops, hell, there is even a monthly subscription box of awesomeness I want to invest in when I get back to full adulting status. If you haven’t dived into the depths that is Dino Drac, give it a whirl. You won’t be disappointed. 

Why am I mentioning this blog, you ask? Let’s just say Dino Drac offered up the best idea for a therapy session, a Dollar Store Date Night, a night where you unplug and unwind while being cheaply entertained for a night from things you can find at your local Dollar Store. 

According to the blog, which can be found here, you can set up a budget for yourself of about $10 (or $5 if you are broke and bored) and set yourself up for a night of awesomeness. 

Stumbling across this blog post in my Time Hop couldn’t have come at a better time. After the work and relationship drama that has plagued me to last few weeks,  I need a day to dumb down and enjoy myself. A bit of me therapy, if you will…

So what did I buy on my Dollar Date? About $8 of pure brain slushing fun.

Calorie count? As if!

  • A Six Pack of Fruit Punch Mundos (Hello, third grade lunch box staple)
  • Nacho Cheese Bugles (My obsession)
  • A box of Vegetable flavored hors d’oeuvre crackers (I wanna feel a bit fancy)
  • Sno-Caps
  • Cheap ass Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

And of course, we need a bit of entertainment for the night.

Fun, Batteries not included, or needed.
  • A 2 Pack of fuzzy Shark posters
  • A box of markers, since the little markers just won’t cut it.
  • A Chicken Soup for the Soul Cat Lover’s book.

The snack spread I made myself is the stuff dreams are made of and took me back to the slumber party days back in elementary school, where me and my besties would beg my dad to go to the Dollar Tree and come out with enough snack food and junk to knock us both dead as we chilled on the porch of my Wal-Mart above ground pool listening to Spice Girls or some crap. Aaahhh, to be young again. 

And oddly enough, Nacho Cheese Bugles dipped in cheap dollar store ice cream is pretty damn orgasmic.

Do you wanna build a Snack Man?

And now for some fun. After digging amongst the trashed aisle of coloring books, children’s science books, and an unusal crazy amount of bibles, I struck gold in the form of a Chicken Soup for the Soul book on all things cats. I loved the Chicken Soup books as a kid and am surprised they are even still in existence since I haven’t seen a Chicken Soup book in a store since I was in high school. Sweet and fluffy feel good stories about my favorite animal? Yes please.

Warm and fuzzy feelings

And of course, what visit to a Dollar Store wouldn’t be complete without some fuzzy poster art? I used to get sick a lot as a kid so this was an awesome way to pass the time when The Price Is Right ended and my mom’s boring soap operas began. I don’t want to brag, but my shark is on fleek. Katy Perry’s Left Shark ain’t got nothing on him.

Coloring never felt so good.

Needless to say, Dino Drac freaking nailed it when he blogged about this, and I couldn’t of found this idea at a better time. I’m having a blast so far and my mind is far from being melancholy like it was the last few days. I highly recommend doing a dollar store date night for yourself at least once in your lifetime. It’s cheap, awesome, and gives you a better appreciation for the little things in life.

Now if you excuse me, I have a shark to color, an ice cream snowman to eat, and this random book on cats I gotta catch up on.


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