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Let Me Introduce Myshelf-Part 3, How Sweet It Is.

One of my earliest memories involved watching the Strawberry Shortcake specials on VHS. I was obsessed with them, I knew the Purple Pieman Dance by heart, so much that it became an inside joke where I would have to dance in order for the parents to unlock the door for me. I had the toys, the plushies, the story books, whatever I could get my hands on.

Like any phase a toddler goes through, I moved on to other interests, leaving the sweet smelling mini dolls behind, occasionally finding one in my closet I would use as a baby for my Barbies, this was before Kelly dolls and pregnant Midge were invented. 

When I started high school, my dad found a bunch of Strawberry Shortcake dolls on one of his treasure hunts. I decoded to keep them and do my best to refurbish them, sticky from being in a humid atic and neglected for decades. I figured I would give them a home. 

And let’s just say, it grew into an obsession. So bad to the point where the spare living room in the mini apartment in my house became my museum. Any cash I had went to buying more Strawberry Shortcake memorabilia. I would spend hours upon hours surfing eBay and AOL window shopping and planning out displays for my collection. My obsession got so ridiculous, that I was actually named the “Biggest Inner Child” by my high school senior class..and of course, Ms. Shortcake had to come for the photo op. That was fun caring her around for the whole day.

Woman Child to the max.

The years came and went, some of the collection got sold off for tuition, and others got donated to Salvation Army and Toys for Tots. But the original set of dolls that my father found have traveled with me just about everywhere I went. From Rhode Island to Pennsylvania and now Florida, here they are. 

I have since added to the collection of The Originals, finding some Party Pleasers in the fancy dresses and a few reproduction dolls from the early 2000’s. I also managed to find them the bakery playset as well as some of the ride on buddies, which need their accessories.

Aside from the dolls, I also managed to find some story books and records, along with some smaller nick-nacks like shoelaces and party invitations. I hope one day I could get the collection built back up the way it used to be. But life takes top priority unfortunately. Damn adulting.

And to answer your question, yes, they still smell fabulous. 

Some of them are not in the best condition, a few are missing their shoes and some of their pets. But these dolls have been with me during the toughest parts of my life. They always brought me comfort, taking me back to the days when life was so simple. Needless to say, Strawberry Shortcake will forever remain a key staple in my collection. 

“Let Me Introduce Myshelf” is  an ongoing series about the meaning behind my collectibles. You can read it from the beginning here. 


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