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Let Me Introduce Myshelf- Part 5, One Little Spark

Way up high on my “Tower of Power” holds some of my Disney park exclusives, mostly my Epcot memorabilia, with a few Magic Kingdom goodies in between.

As many of you already know, I was raised to be a Disneyholic, making the almost yearly trek with my family and falling in love with the discovery and imagination that was the very core of Epcot. 

In the picture above, you’ll see a Tapestry of Nations Vinylmation set just chilling with a giant Chip and Dale bobblehead and an Epcot promotional video from the 90’s. That little bug dude hanging out on the VHS is a mascot from the original Extraterrorestrial Alien Encounter, a now defunct ride at Magic Kingdom.

Another nifty find was added into the collection by RJ, a puzzle from the late seventies early eighties that could be mailed out just like a real postcard. Surrounding the puzzle are some McDonald’s Epcot 94 Adventure toys. I also have the display they came in, but it needs some repair. The giant eggplant guy is my latest find from the flea market, an early 80s Kitchen Kabaret plush.  You will also see a promotional video for the Millennium celebration, which holds a lot of sentimental value to me since I was a vital part of that event as a kid. The Millennium celebration also held a global youth summit called the Millennium Dreamers, which I was able to attend. The summit paved way for another yearly event called The Dreamers Academy, which they now host at Epcot every year. Pretty cool to be a part of something that inspired others. All the more reason why Epcot is my home even though I don’t work there anymore.

Disney will always be a thing I will love, the memories tied into it are deep, from my visits in childhood, the youth summit, and even working there, all of it holds sentimental value. Whenever I find anything vintage from the parks, it makes me feel like I’m holding onto a piece of history.

“Let Me Introduce Myshelf” is  an ongoing series about the meaning behind my collectibles. You can read it from the beginning here


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