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Let Me Introduce Myshelf- Part 8, Let’s Have Some Funko

Over the course of the last couple years, I have accumulated quite a bit of Funko Pop figures. For those unfamiliar, Funko Pops our little vinyl figurines of pop culture icons with big heads and big beady eyes. Almost like the modern-day bobblehead but many of them don’t bobble. Except Groot. He’s the only one that bobbles.

(And yes, I know Dollar Store Jesus isn’t a Funko, but he likes to hang out here anyway.)

Personally, unlike many Funko collectors, I don’t try to go after the whole line of characters. A fellow friend of mine has a wall of them still in their boxes. If I ever found myself getting that bad, I would need a bigger apartment. 

I collect from a bunch of different franchises. Of course, Strawberry Shortcake is my favorite, followed by Adventure Time, Big Bang Theory, Gudetama, and Disney. I also have a couple My Little Pony figures as well.

What I love the most are the minifigures that are found in the blind boxes. Once in awhile I treat myself to a blind box whenever I get the chance, but with work being sporadic, I haven’t had the funds to do so in a while. 

I always love the design of a Funko Pop, often very minimalist in nature and yet still very much detailed. A very fun item for any collector no matter what you’re into.

“Let Me Introduce Myshelf” is  an ongoing series about the meaning behind my collectibles. You can read it from the beginning here


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