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Zombie Outbreak- Not Your Typical Orlando Attraction 

Somewhere in between the Mouse and Hogwarts lies a corridor known as I-Drive (International Drive) which has essentially become the Las Vegas for families. Every single restaurant you can imagine, along with a vast array of roadside attractions as far as the eye can see, dot the street amongst the many shady Disney ticket sales booths and knock off gift and luggage shops. It’s a hodgepodge of crazy hokeyness that makes Wallyworld from National Lampoon’s Vacation look weaksauce.

But amongst the many tourist traps stands Zombie Outbreak, a laser tag experience with a twist. It prides itself as a real life video game, complete with movie set quality props and scareactor zombies around every corner. 

Zombie Outbreak is very hard to find, as it can easily be mistaken for a restaurant. But inside this average-looking building lies an attraction like no other. A sight for sore eyes when it comes to tourists looking for a thrill rather than a novelty.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of laser tag places within the general Orlando area, but how many can let you shoot real zombies?

For roughly about $25, you will be set up with a bandolier and an army replica rifle as you are taken in by militia who will talk you through everything you need to know. 

Upon entering, you will be given the backstory of how the zombies came to be by a very professionally made video. Afterwards you are led by your captain who will give instructions on how to use your gun, at which point you are sent through a very detailed maze of both real and animatronic zombies getting ready to chow down on you. 

The attention to detail is very realistic, almost as if you’re on an army base testing facility. The props used are very high-grade so it doesn’t feel like you’re running around a fun house like most people assume this place would be, myself included originally.

Navigating through the maze takes roughly about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how fast you run through it. Your score would be shown on the screen the end of your run. I did seem to have some trouble with my gun, where it would keep going on to safety mode for some reason,  so for those who’ve never held a gun before in their life, it’s always best to have a friend who knows what they’re doing. 

Although if the worst case scenario happens, you are too scared or your gun gets all weird, you can always back out of the game at anytime and a friendly neighborhood zombie will help you get out of the maze safely. So for those who are noobs like me at this kind of thing, I felt safe knowing I could get the help I needed should something go awry.

And if you’re not great with mazes, no worries. There’s yellow lines on the floor telling you where to go.

Now for a discounted rate, you are able to play up to two more times for about $10 a round. However, doing so will make the game more intense, as in those live zombies will be following crazy close. So be prepared.

For an additional amount, you could take home an awesome souvenir picture of you in your heroic militia gear. The Walking Dead ain’t got nothing on you. They also have T-shirts and the occasional oddity (usually some form of taxidermy) to chronicle your survival and victory.

Zombie Outbreak is located on 7364 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, nestled between the CocoKey Water Resort and The Titanic Experience. You can learn more about this experience and buy tickets here.

Can’t make it to Orlando? No worries, they also have a location in Wisconsin Dells. All the information on that is listed in the link above as well.

Happy hunting.


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