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Mandy Eats- Fat One’s

Here we go…

Welcome to a new addition to Legally Blind Bagged, where I will be trying out and reviewing the weird and unusal cuisine Orlando has to offer, whether it be a limited edition treat from the theme parks or a food truck that is out of the ordinary, I’ll eat it, you know, so you don’t have to.

For my first foodie adventure, may I present to you the one, the only, Fat One’s Hot Dogs and Itailian Ice.

Fat One’s is Joey Fatone’s (get it, Fat One’s?) hot dog stand, offering a tasty variety of Angus beef foot longs with toppings well worth the Fat One label.  Who knew boy bands and hot dogs were so NSYNC?

All jokes aside, this little hot dog stand nestled in the middle of the Florida Mall food court offers a variety of different flavors,  from the classic dog with your basic toppings to pressed dogs like the Joey Pizza or Rueben. Prices typically range about $5 a dog and sides include Italian water ice and french fries, sold separately.

But I decided to go for the real deal, the $11.99 Fat One.

God Must Have Spent A Little More Time on this hot dog, topped with french fries, corned beef, pepperoni, shredded mozzarella, nacho cheese, red onion sauce and green onions. Wowza! Surprisingly this combination of randomness actually works together. The flavors balance each other out to make way for a very tasty and filling dog well worth the fanfare.  I almost couldn’t finish it. Although  $11.99 might be a little pricey for a hot dog, you do get your money’s worth, or should I say it’s a good buy buy buy. Also for the price of $11.99, they offer what is called the Boy Bander, which offers five mini hot dogs in their signature flavors, perfect for those who can’t pick just one. (It’s hard to pick a favorite after all.)

 On this trip, I also managed to try the Pina Colada Italian Ice. Coming from a girl who was raised on Rita’s Water Ice her whole life, this does come pretty close to being the best water ice I’ve ever had since I moved out here. Far from the typical snow cone like concoction that people try to pass off down here in Florida as real Water Ice. Fat One’s does not dissappoint. Needless to say, this Philly girl came out happy.

So next time you find yourself at the Florida Mall, feel free to give this place a try.  This I Promise You, it is totally worth the hype.

Fat One’s is located in the food court of the Florida Mall, S, 8001 Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32809.

What else should Mandy eat? If you know of any fun and quirky places or foods you want me to try, please post in the comments below. 


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