About Me


My name is Mandy Ree and I’m a nerd. Ain’t no shame in that. I’m a 30 something hoping to one day make it up the corporate ladder and make something of my life. Typical dreams for any typical girl…but anyone will tell you I am far from typical.


I am a fighter. Dealing with a severe visual impairment and PTSD much of my life hasn’t been a picnic. It’s hard dealing with a rough and tumble society that looks down on you. But with the right amount of humor, sarcasim, and overall nerdy goodness, I managed to make life one heck of an adventure. I am a self advocate, a protector an awesome best friend to many, and an advocate for equal rights of all. 


I also like to write. I’m a contributor for this awesome site called The Mighty and have had many of my stories published for the world to see. Be sure to follow me on the Mighty by clicking on my name above. I also have many other posts in the works with other websites and a few special projects coming up. Stay tuned.

Legally Blind Bagged is my personal journey trying to navigate the mystery that is me. A Blind Bag is a mystery toy wrapped in a bag and you don’t know what you’ll get. I view life as one big blind bag, surprises at every corner, with the occausional dissappointment here and there. Here is my great unwrapping.

Embrace the Nerdiness!

The Mighty Contributor



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have a hell of a kid…..who has an amazing talent for writing.
    Keep up the great work Amanda Marie!
    This Mommy loves you!
    I am VERY proud of how far you have come…..and can not wait to see WHERE you go from here!
    Love, Mom!


  2. I too have struggled with the adversity facing my “differences”. I found your video with Mr. Chris to be amazingly inspiring!


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