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In addition to the Mighty, I also have a variety of different projects in the works. I’m always trying to build my portfolio and broaden my horizons. Here is a look of what I have done and will be doing in the coming months. Keep checking back for links to my other works and interviews.

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Thinking Out Loud Blog

Disability Q&A

The Mighty

Live Q&A from August 23rd 2016

Twitter Events (Co-Hosted)

#CDRChat on Disability and Relationships, Center for Disability Rights.

Twitter Events (Participated)

#CripLit Chat- Disabled Writers, Ableism, and the Publishing Industry

#ProjectValue Disabled Lives, Assisted Suicide, and Ableism*My tweets are towards the bottom.

#FearlessPWD Twitter Chat hosted by Easterseals

#Ideas4Hillary Ideas on Disability Polices and Issues #CripTheVote

Advocates in Action Rhode Island Statewide Self Advocacy Conference Presentation “The Mighty Mandy Ree, Finding Your Voice In Self Advocacy”
October 2016, Providence RI

“Everyone has a story, what’s yours?

Mandy Ree is a self advocate who writes stories for an online community called The Mighty

She will talk about how she got involved in self advocacy, which helped build her self esteem and empowered her to be in charge of her own life.

Attendees will also learn how Mandy is pursing one of her dream jobs by writing for The Mighty.”

-From the Advocates in Action Conference Program

19th Annual Family Cafe Conference Presentation “The Mighty Mandy Ree, Finding Your Voice In Self Advocacy”
June 2017, Orlando FL

Mandy Ree is a self-advocate who blogs about her life as a legally blind woman for her own blog Legally Blind Bagged, and also writes stories for a website called The Mighty. In this presentation, you’ll learn more about how Mandy found confidence in herself to become a self-advocate and share her stories with the world. Mandy will also share vital tips for those who want to share their stories on line as well.

-Tentative summary from conference program

20th Annual Family Cafe Conference Presentation “Making the Magic, Finding Work in Orlando’s Theme Parks and Attractions
June 2018, Orlando FL

“Come meet Mandy and RJ as they talk about their journey finding employment in some of Orlando’s best theme parks and attractions despite having disabilties. Learn how Mandy made the cross country trek to Disney and how she ended up at Volcano Bay on the opening team and discover how RJ chased his dream of being a scareactor at Halloween Horror Nights.”