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What Went Well – August 16

It’s been a busy couple days. My parents came down, so my blogging schedule has been a bit wonky.

I went to work in a not so good mood the other day, only to be surprised that my managers put my story on a great guest interaction into the morning meetings. This video will play on the rest of the week. It feels good to be appreciated.

After work, I ran into my dad with a new car for my mom
We went to Target for some last minute details and let’s just say, the look on her face was priceless.




This summer has been hard on my mom. She lost her original car in an accident back home and the clunker she was able to get down here is on it’s last breath. To see her smile for the first time in months made it worth it. I knew about it for awhile now and to see her happy was worth the wait.


My parents are freaking adorable. What can I say?


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